Walgreens Clearance Finds 4/12: Lots of Frozen Foods!

Frozen Food Collage

Walgreens have a few frozen items on clearance! Here are some that are on clearance at my local store. Clearance items can vary store to store.

Delish French Onion Soup $.99 (Reg. Price $1.99)
Delish Buffalo Style Chicken Dip $.99 (Reg. Price $1.99)
Delish Cream Chicken Vegetable Soap $.99 (Reg. Price $1.99)
Delish Pepperoni & Sausage Handmade Calzone $.99 (Reg. Price $1.99)

Frozen Food Collage 2

Nice Bagel Dog with Cheese $2.79 (Reg. Price $5.49)
Breyers Ice Cream $3.29 (Reg. Price $6.49)

Frozen Food Collage 3

Edy’s Grand Ice Cream $3.19 (Reg. Price $5.99)
Twix Snack Size Mini Ice Cream Bars $2.49 (Reg. Price $4.99)

Frozen Food Collage 4

Michelina’s Zap Ems Stir Fry Rice & Vegetables $.59 (Reg. Price $1.09)
Michelina’s Zap Homestyle Mac & Cheese $.59 (Reg. Price $1.09)

Frozen Food Collage 5

Nice Bagel Dog with Cheese $.99 (Reg. Price $2.79)
Delish Mini Chicken Pot Pies $1.29 (Reg. Price $2.79)
Jimmy Dean Sausage Breakfast Bowl $1.79 (Reg. Price $3.59)

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