Get a $50 Chili’s EGift Card and get a $10 Bonus! How I Turn It from $60 to $80 or More!

Dining Out At Chilis

I like to be very transparent with my readers and I wanted to pass on this CLEVER idea I came up with about 4 years ago. So every year around the holidays I take advantage of the restaurant gift cards because they always give added bonuses like $10.

So at the same time I will turn around and go on their websites and sign up for their newsletter and BANG, each week I get coupons for free food. Either for appetizers, desserts, and even buy one, get one free adult meals. Perfect since I am a single mom with 2 kids, I can turn a $50 gift card into a $80 or more gift card when I take advantage of the coupons I get! Sweet, huh!?!?!

So I got one for you, Chili’s has the offer for buy a $50 Gift Card and get a $10 Bonus! I am sooo in love with their Southwest Egg Rolls. I get coupons from them almost every week since July! I can honestly tell you that I can get at least 3-4 adult meals with this gift card if you use those coupons.

So you can go here to sign up for that special offer from Chili’s, I plan on using mine when I got out for lunch on Black Friday.

Chili Coupon

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